Toward Developing a Cloud Computing Model Curriculum

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Cloud Computing is a rapidly evolving field that is triggering a wave of innovations in various domains such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. Cloud skills are becoming essential for any technology-related profession. Furthermore, the accelerated adoption of cloud technologies by industry is increasing the demand for cloud-trained professionals. Thus, higher education institutions are offering training opportunities and programs in cloud computing, however, the lack of well-rounded and high-quality curricular materials continues to be a challenge for educators. A 2018 Working Group (WG) created a report that --among other artifacts-- described fourteen Knowledge Areas (KAs), with numerous Learning Objectives (LOs) for each KA, to teach cloud concepts. Expanding on that work, this WG will focus on providing a collection of resources that would eventually constitute a model cloud curriculum. By relying on two particular surveys: one that looks at the existing curricular offerings, and another one that maps knowledge areas to job titles in cloud computing, we plan to provide a dynamic and configurable curricular exemplars repository for the cloud community-at-large, following the popularity of hands-on, project-based learning methodologies as our primary focus.


Proceedings of the 2019 ACM Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education

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