Analyzing the Effect of DoS Attacks on Network Performance

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This paper discusses the performance of an office network during a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. A group of client workstations access wirelessly a WLAN server. The purpose is to simulate heavy database traffic under normal work conditions. For the DoS experiment, Global Wireless LAN Delay, Global DB Query Traffic Sent, Global DB Query Traffic Received, Node IP Traffic Dropped, Point-to-Point Queuing Delay, Point-to-Point Throughput, and Point-to-Point Utilization are measured in the presence of a jammer which utilizes frequency sweeping. A comparison of the performance of the network under the normal conditions and DoS scenario is analyzed. The results demonstrate the severe impact of a DoS attack on the network's performance.


Presentation at the October 19-21 2017 IEEE 8th Annual Ubiquitous Computing, Electronics and Mobile Communication Conference (UEMCON) in New York, New York.

Kumar, Holbrooks & Perez were students in the Sacred Heart University Master's (M.S.) program in Cybersecurity.