Security and Resilience of Cyber Physical Systems

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In this era of 5G digital communication, the implementation of industry 4.0 is the need of the hour. The main aim of this industrial revolution is to completely automate the industry for better productivity, correct decision making and increased efficiency. All the concepts of industry 4.0 can only be implemented with the help of Cyber Physical System aka CPS. This is a smart system in which complete mechanism is monitored and controlled by computer-based algorithms.

Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability are the three major concern for providing the add on security to any organization or a system. It has become a biggest challenge among the security professionals to secure these cyber physical systems. Hackers and bad guys are planning various kinds of attacks on daily basis on these systems.

This book addresses the various security and privacy issues involved in the cyber physical system. There is need to explore the interdisciplinary analysis to ensure the resilience of these systems including different types of cyber threats to these systems. The book highlights the importance of security in preventing, detecting, characterizing and mitigating different types of cyber threats on CPS. The book offers a simple to understand various organized chapters related to the CPS and their security for graduate students, faculty, research scholars and industry professionals.


9781003185543 (ebook); 9781032028569 (hardcover)

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