CyRRA: Cyberattack Resilient Robotic Arm

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Introduction of the internet-based interconnections among the physical control systems has given rise to more complex process algorithms, and it is necessary to safeguard such systems from cyber attacks that specifically target the loopholes in the system operation. In this paper, we present the cybersecurity for the control system designed to act as a final-line of defense against remote hijacking of the system. CyRRA is implemented using the concept of external-feedback control system in the cyber-physical system (CPS), that includes both action-control system, and action-verification system. The intertwined operation methodology of the two will provide the CPS with multi-layer security features of a conventional user-end defense mechanisms. Additionally, by allowing the device to switch between: monitored and autonomous modes, while preserving the same level of versatility in each mode of device operation. Here we analyze the level of security provided by the IoT server domain (Blynk) over IEEE 802.11 standards; and introduce the security features against the fault injection attack, evil twin attack and the man-in-the-middle attack into the client-device against network vulnerabilities.


2022 IEEE 19th India Council International Conference (INDICON), November 24-26, 2022.

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