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With ubiquitous computing becoming pervasive in every aspect of societies around the world and the exponential rise in cyber-based attacks, cybersecurity teams within global organizations are spending a massive amount of human and financial capital on their logging and monitoring security programs. As a critical part of global organizational security risk management processes, it is important that log information is aggregated in a timely, accurate, and relevant manner. It is also important that global organizational security operations centers are properly monitoring and investigating the security use-case alerting based on their log data. In this paper, the author proposes a model for security logging and monitoring which details the inception, implementation, and operations of the program. This entails providing an overview of the logging and monitoring program, its purpose, and structure.


Thai H. Nguyễn is a student in the BS/MS Cybersecurity program at Sacred Heart University. He is also a Cybersecurity Solutions Engineer (Intern) for T-Mobile US, Inc., tasked with researching, developing, and maintaining cybersecurity use-case detections and automations.



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