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Using Data Analytics is a vital part of sport performance enhancement. We collect data from the Division 1 'Women's basketball athletes and coaches at our university, for use in analysis and prediction. Several data sources are used daily and weekly: WHOOP straps, weekly surveys, polar straps, jump analysis, and training session information. In this paper, we present an online dashboard to visually present the data to the athletes and coaches. R shiny was used to develop the platform, with the data stored on the cloud for instant updates of the dashboard as the data becomes available. The performance of athletes can be compared to the group averages, while coaches have access to all athletes and can compare them to each other and the team averages for all parameters. A simple color-coded design was utilized to convey the coaches which of the measured parameters is in an acceptable range and which is deficient. The dashboard was reviewed by the athletes, coaches, and exercise scientists and was useful for their needs.


The proceedings of the workshop will be published by IEEE press.

Erica Juliano and Chelsea Thakkar are undergraduate students in the School of Computer Science and Engineering at Sacred Heart University.



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