SHU Counseling Center provides comprehensive short-term, goal-directed counseling in a confidential environment for full-time undergraduate students. Our counselors help you explore your experiences with the goal of developing awareness and skills to meet life’s challenges.


Submissions from 2023


Big Red Card: How to Identify and Respond to Students in Distress, Counseling Center

Submissions from 2021


Linguistic and Personological Features of the Doka and Martin Grieving Style Continuum, James Geisler and Cass Dykeman

Submissions from 2017


Connectedness to Campus and Likelihood of Help-Seeking for Suicidality among College Women., Jessica Samuolis, Kenneth W. Griffin, Mary Jo Mason, and Nancy DeKraker

Submissions from 2015


One Size Doesn't Fit All: New Continua of Figure Drawings and Their Relation to Ideal Body Image, Jocelyn K. Novella, Jennifer T. Gosselin, and Debbie Danowski