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I wrote this poem about a month and a half after we were sent home from SHU. A couple of my friends were talking to me one day, telling me how much they missed their boyfriends/girlfriends, everything they love about them, and their longing to see them, knowing they wouldn't be able to. I took inspiration from this, as well as the feeling of being suddenly separated from the people you love, and wrote it into a poem I titled "Separation Anxiety." I wanted to artistically express the feeling a person gets when they realize how much they have taken the people they love for granted, and their reflection on what they love about them that makes them such important individuals in their life. COVID-19 took so much away from so many of us, and I wanted to write a poem in the perspective of a person that misses someone they love that many people could relate to during these times. We as humans tend to take several people and things in our lives for granted and don't realize it until it's suddenly ripped from us. We should all make an effort to tell the people we love how much we love them rather than keeping it to ourselves our entire lives.

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