Date of Award

Summer 2016

Degree Type

Certificate of Advanced Study


Educational Leadership


Michael K. Barbour


The purpose of this study was to examine how social emotional strategies could be embedded into the academic curriculum for students with special needs. In order to develop a greater understanding on how to most effectively embed the strategies, a variety of stakeholders were called upon to gather information about strategies the could be implemented. The effectiveness of the strategies would be illustrated by the students’ attitudes towards learning after the implementation of embedded strategies and skills. This study focused on gathering information from a faculty at an intermediate school and the implementation of strategies was done in a collaborative classroom with a focus on ten students with special needs. A mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods was used to gather the data consisting of surveys, focus groups and observations. Over a six to eight week data collection period, several themes arose and findings were discussed. When reviewing the study, conclusions, limitations, implications and suggestions for further research were offered. Overall, all results concluded that the development of social emotional learning was important for all learners. The strategies used, implementation process and roles within the teaching of the skills are all areas that are in need of greater development. All educational stakeholder groups must work to collaborate, communicate and coordinate so that all students can benefit from the assured experience of social emotional learning so that they not only become successful students but also as global citizens.



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