Date of Award

Summer 2016

Degree Type

Certificate of Advanced Study


Educational Leadership


Michael K. Barbour


In my experience as a mathematics teacher, I have learned that mathematics is a subject that is commonly paired with negative feelings. Many individuals lack confidence in their ability to perform mathematics. As a mathematics teacher, I am always looking for different ways to reach the needs of all of my students. The flipped classroom was one initiative that I implemented into my classroom to understand the benefits of learning in this unique way. In a flipped lesson, the students learn the lesson from a textbook or video as the homework, while the practice is completed in the classroom. The purpose of this study was to determine the perspectives of middle school students on the flipped classroom. In addition, because my goal was to reach all of my learners, this study also gathered perceptions from teachers, parents, and students who have individualized educational programs (IEPs) or 504 plans on using the flipped classroom method in terms of differentiating instruction. Data was collected through student surveys, a student focus group, teacher interviews, parent interviews, and classroom observations. The data showed that the flipped classroom was beneficial in terms of allowing students to pace themselves when learning, focus more on the lesson and in class activities, have access to the information whenever and wherever they needed to review, and gaining more help and guidance from the teacher.


A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the coursework required for the post-masters' Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Educational Leadership.



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