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One way to respond to the crisis in the humanities is to integrate learning for our students. In fact one of higher education's greatest challenges today is for faculty to develop ways to integrate knowledge and learning across the disiciplines. This essay describes a common core curriculum, THE HUMAN JOURNEY, which engages students in an integrated, common, and coherent understanding of the humanities,arts, and sciences, and the Catholic intellectual tradition framed by four enduring questions of human meaning and value. THE HUMAN JOURNEY is a five course sequence including literature, history, the social and natural sciences, and religious studies and philosophy. The courses are framed and yoked by the four questions of human meaning and value, by common readings, by faculty collaboration to make connections across the disciplines, and by co-curricular colloquia and events which include art and music. This common core engages students in a multidisciplinary understanding of the humanities, arts, and sciences as the fundamental mode of inquiry of the human person and of the entire human community, and it provides students with an ethical and moral lens with which to understand the world in which they live.


Published in The International Journal of the Humanities, volume 5, number 1, 2007, ISSN 1447-9508

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