Building Bridges in Celebrity Studies

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From public personas such as Angelina Jolie to Julian Assange, this book explores the notion of celebrity status from various perspectives and discusses the way different people use their identity to deliver a specific message to the masses. Whether it be in politics, advertising or activism, celebrities play a pivotal role in drawing in the public's attention. Media – not only traditional forms such as television, radio and print, but also social media – are essential to this process. Building Bridges in Celebrity Studies is a collection of papers that address the complex interplay between celebrities and media. This book aims to bridge a multitude of gaps between celebrity culture and media involvement. Various themes are investigated including trend setting, consumer consumption, impact of social media, sensationalism in reporting, celebrities as a commodity, media scandal creating fame, and feminism. This book invites scholars and media professionals to critically consider ethical and social justice directions where media and celebrities combine for a commitment to social transformation. Furthermore, Building Bridges in Celebrity Studies aims not only to bridge gaps between celebrity and media studies, but also to examine how bridges between traditional media studies and new media can generate innovative synergies in celebrity studies. Both media and celebrity culture are crucial parts of our daily lives, thus a greater understanding of how the two co-exist is essential. This book provides some key perspectives towards such understanding.


ISBN 9780993993848