Department Chair: Steven Michels, Ph.D.

The Department of Political Science & Global Affairs houses two majors: Political Science and Global Affairs.

The Political Science major seeks to awaken in students an appreciation and an understanding of politics and government in the broadest and deepest sense. It considers democratic governance the key to civilization and ethics as central to democratic life.

The major in Global Affairs responds to the demands of the 21st century by equipping students with competencies through a broad based and multidisciplinary program designed to prepare them for global engagement. It is designed for students who have strong international interests and wish to pursue those interests in a program of study.

The Master in Public Administration is a professional degree that prepares individuals for careers in the public sector, government agencies, human service organizations and non-profits.

Sacred Heart University offers a 3 + 3 Bachelor's & JD Program with Seton Hall University and Villanova University.


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