The Case Against Democracy

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Are the politics of the United States to blame for its current unsteady footing in the 21st century? This book aims to answer this uncomfortable but relevant question by examining the strengths and weaknesses of democracy, addressing complex topics such as the history of liberalism, the relationship between democracy and capitalism, the nature of representation, and the difference between government and politics. Each of the book's chapters focuses on a recognized shortcoming of popular government, such as inefficiency, self-interestedness, and non-participation. Each section begins by focusing on current events and tracing issues back through history--through to the American founding, and in many instances, to antiquity. In the conclusion, the author proposes a series of thought-provoking fixes.

Table of contents: The world needs ditch diggers, too: non-representation -- Come together: tyranny of the majority -- The trivial pursuit of happiness: materialism and greed -- Voting is for old people: non-participation -- Culture, clubbed: ignorance and decadence -- In the flat field: equality over merit -- Red, white, and blue in tooth and claw: self-interest and faction -- A bridge to nowhere too far: inefficiency and instability -- All she wants to do is dance: isolationism or exceptionalism -- Conclusion: fixing the holes.


ISBN 9781440802829.