Controversial Issues in Presidential Selection

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This new edition provides the latest on controversies surrounding the presidential selection process. The text is two-thirds new material, with new articles by John F. Bibby, Robert D. Brown, Emmett H. Buell, Jr., M. Margaret Conway, Thomas E. Cronin, Doris Graber, Jon F. Hale, Everett Ladd, Robert D. Loevy, Theodore Lowi, Wayne Parent, Frank J. Sorauf, and Herbert Weisberg, and revised articles from many of the contributors to the first edition.

The book is designed to stimulate lively debate and critical thinking about the modern process of presidential selection. Eleven issues that impact directly on the selection of the president of the United States are examined in a scholarly and argumentative format. Essays pro and con on each issue educate students in the dynamics of presidential selection and help them evaluate competing perspectives on today's pressing issues.

The controversial issues examined span the various phases of the selection process, including the nominating system, the nominating convention, and the general election campaign. New issues covered for this edition include whether a third major party in U.S. politics is likely or needed.

A presidential selection process in crisis / G.L. Rose -- Is it time for a new presidential nominating process? / T.E. Cronin, R.D. Loevy, E.C. Ladd -- Are brokered conventions desirable? / E.H. Buell, Jr., J.F. Bibby -- Should vice-presidential candidates be selected from the also-ran category? / J.K. White, L. Jones -- Do the media inform? / D.A. Graber, R.D. Loevy -- Should campaign commercials be regulated? / J.F. Hale, M.R. Just -- Is public financing of presidential elections a desirable policy? / F.J. Sorauf, M. McConnell -- Should presidential debates be required? / W.E. Carroll, J.I. Lengle, D.C. Lambert -- Should the Electoral College be abolished? / L.D. Longley, R.D. Brown -- Is the motor-voter bill desirable? / H.F. Weisberg, W. Parent -- Is it time for a third major party in American politics? / T.J. Lowi, M.M. Conway -- Should political parties govern the presidential selection process? / W.W. Shannon, A.J. Cigler -- Conclusion / G.L. Rose.