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On November 16, 2014 the United States Federal Reserve celebrated the centennial of its organization. Its one hundred year legacy has left no doubt of its vast monetary control, its far-reaching geopolitical power, and its enigmatic secrecy. These defining features of the Fed remain a mirror of the men who created it. Wall Street barons and ambitious politicians vied for control over shaping the U.S. Federal Reserve to the specifications that suited the needs of both their country and themselves.

This paper covers men like Senator Nelson Aldrich, J.P. Morgan, Jacob Schiff, and Paul M. Warburg, who were the undeniable masterminds of the structuring the Fed from inception to completion, and whose ambition molded them and other men like them into the most salient candidates for creating the only permanent central banking system in United States history.


Economic and Business Historical Society Annual Conference. LaCross, WI. Jan. 2015.

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