Coastal Environments in the West of Ireland: Sea, Land, and Spirit

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This multi-authored study explores how the natural sciences and the humanities together can understand the connections between the natural environment, the built environment, and the cultural heritage of communities along the west coast of Ireland. Knowledge of the sea and marine life, and what they mean to humanity is dependent on both scientific study and local knowledge, which, in turn, can lead to a greater commitment to sustainability. Until the 1950s, there was little government support for scientific research, nor an interest in helping fisheries beyond near shore catch. Irish fisheries remained small, underfunded, and had difficulty accessing international markets. However, as this book shows, Ireland’s cultural heritage demonstrates a deep appreciation for the coastal environment and a sense of place. This is preserved in the Irish language, in poetry, story and music, and in the ways the Irish lived with an often-wild coastal topography.


ISBN 9781527590014 (hardcover); 9781527590021 (ebook).

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