The Identity of Geneva: The Christian Commonwealth, 1564-1864

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Table of contents: The origins of the image of Geneva / Francis Higman -- Calvin, Beza, and the exegetical history of Romans 13:1-7 / Richard A. Muller -- The order of the divine decrees at the Genevan academy : from Bezan supralapsarianism to Turretinian infralapsarianism / Joel R. Beeke -- The dissolution of Francis Turretin's vision of Theologia : Geneva at the end of the seventeenth century / Timothy R. Phillips -- A case of hidden identity : Antoine Court, Bénédict Pictet, and Geneva's aid to France's desert churches (1715-1724) / Otto H. Selles -- Reformed piety and suicide in Geneva, 1550-1800 / Jeffrey R. Watt -- The eclipse of reformed scholasticism in eighteenth-century Geneva : natural theology from Jean-Alphonse Turretin to Jacob Vernet / Martin I. Klauber -- "Going soft" : Genevan decadence in the eighteenth century / Linda Kirk -- Social welfare and the transformation of polity in Geneva / Jeannine E. Olson -- Notre bienheureuse réformation : the meaning of the Reformation in nineteenth-century Geneva / John B. Roney -- Loss of Genevan identity and counter-Reformation in the nineteenth century / Gabriel Mützenberg -- Education and modernity in restoration Geneva / William Edgar.


ISBN: 9780313298684

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