Men of Bronze : Hoplite Warfare in Ancient Greece

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"The papers published in this volume resulted from a conference on early Greek hoplite warfare held at Yale University in April 2008."

Table of contents: The hoplite debate / Donald Kagan and Gregory Viggiano -- The arms, armor, and iconography of early Greek Hoplite warfare / Gregory Viggiano and Hans van Wees -- Hoplitai/Politai : refighting ancient battles / Paul Cartledge -- Setting the frame chronologically / Anthony Snodgrass -- Early Greek infantry fighting in a Mediterranean context / Kurt A. Raaflaub -- The hoplite revolution and the rise of the polis / Gregory Viggiano -- Hoplite hell : how hoplites fought / Peter Krentz -- Large weapons, small Greeks : the practical limitations of hoplite weapons and equipment / Adam Schwartz -- Not patriots, not farmers, not amateurs : Greek soldiers of fortune and the origins of hoplite warfare / John R. Hale -- Can we see the "hoplite revolution" on the ground? : archaeological landscapes material culture, and social status in early Greece / Lin Foxhall -- Farmers and hoplites : models of historical development / Hans van Wees -- The hoplite narrative / Victor Davis Hanson.


ISBN: 9780691143019

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