Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision


Jerry Novack

Document Type


Subject Area

Clinical Supervision, Counseling, Mental Health Counseling


Although the science and practice of clinical supervision receives relatively little attention in the professional literature (Mintz, 1983; Worthen & McNeill, 1996), some theorists and researchers have proposed different supervisory models based on bona fide therapeutic approaches. While the various approaches all seem similarly effective (Goodyear, Abadie & Efros, 1984), evidence supports the need for training programs that take an integrated, holistic approach to supervision (Dlugos & Friedlander, 2001; Worthen & McNeill, 1996). This article will present an Existentialist- Gestalt approach to supervision designed to facilitate an integrated, holistic and effective training paradigm. In addition to theoretical constructs, recommendations for dealing with supervisees‟ emotional experience in training, cultural variables, and personal and professional developmental considerations will be presented.





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