Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

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school counseling fieldwork, supervision, and supervision map

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Counselor Education, School Counseling


Supervision mapping is a creative, visual approach to supervision wherein trainees identify concerns, strengths, goals, and ethical questions. While the supervision map has been identified as a potential tool for school counselors-in-training, no research has focused on its effectiveness. Therefore, this study sought to explore trainees’ experiences using the supervision map with faculty supervisors throughout their fieldwork experiences. The supervision map was used with school counseling trainees in two graduate practicum seminars in the Northeast (n=31). After using the supervision map for the duration of the seminar class, an electronic survey of their experience was administered, to which 23 trainees responded. Response frequencies, percentages, and qualitative feedback were analyzed to ascertain student perception of the supervision map. Results indicated favorable reactions to using this tool to help trainees develop reflective practices. Additionally, results suggest the benefit of using supervision maps may extend to the faculty supervisor, site supervisor, and group supervision process. Potential future uses for the supervision map are highlighted.



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