Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

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Counselor Education Teaching Idea


game-based learning, counselor training, counselor education

Subject Area

Counselor Education


Counselors value equity, diversity, and inclusion (American Counseling Association, 2018). Counselor educators are tasked with ensuring counselor trainees are competent in empathetic understanding, cultural awareness, and advocacy. Game-based learning is a teaching strategy that promotes the process of acquiring empathy, cultural awareness, and advocacy (Cheng & Su, 2012; Qian & Clark, 2016). Game-based learning has many documented benefits over the last two decades (Hwang & Wu, 2012; Tsai et al., 2011) yet counselor education has not incorporated it into counselor training. The authors addressed this gap by providing a conceptual framework for incorporating GBL into training with implications for counselor educators and counselor trainees.



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