Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

Document Type

Empirical Research Article


antisocial personality disorder, mental health professionals, attitudes, counselor education, clinical supervision

Subject Area

Clinical Supervision, Counseling, Counselor Education, Mental Health Counseling


This exploratory study examined mental health professionals’ attitudes toward clients with antisocial personality disorder. Specifically, are mental health professionals’ attitudes influenced by (a) personal experiences with criminal victimization, or (b) contact with clients with antisocial personality disorder. A factorial MANOVA and follow-up univariate ANOVAs revealed a statistically significant main effect in relation to participants’ level of clinical contact with clients having antisocial personality disorder. Participants with higher levels of clinical contact were associated with more positive attitudes towards clients. Implications for mental health professionals, supervisors, and counselor educators are discussed, and suggestions for future research are provided.



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