Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

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Counselor-in-Training Affect; Bloom’s Affect; Supervision; Counselor Preparation

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Clinical Supervision, Counselor Education


Bloom's (1956) Taxonomy cognitive domains have proven useful for decades. Counselor educators are experts in affect, and yet most are unfamiliar with Bloom's affective domains that correspond to the cognitive domains. The affective domains focus on attitudes and values that can help counselor educators assist students to more successfully navigate Bloom's cognitive process by harnessing the effect of affect through combining Bloom's affective and cognitive domains. Since Bloom's cognitive domains are already widely and effectively utilized, perhaps it is time for counselor educators, the experts in affect, to use the affective domains in conjunction with the cognitive domains as initially intended. By studying the correlation between the Cognitive and Affective domains, and further researching the impact of both on the development of CITs, counselor educators can embrace a best practice approach to their work within the already established and widely utilized structure of Bloom's Taxonomy.

Keywords: Counselor-in-Training Affect; Bloom’s Affect; Supervision; Counselor Preparation





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