Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

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self, advocacy, school counselors, self-efficacy

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Counselor Education, School Counseling


Advocacy is a central component of providing comprehensive school counseling programs. Often, counselor advocacy entails advocating for the profession and clients. Utilizing the New General Self-Efficacy scale, this quantitative study examined the effect of advocacy training type, counselor education program level, and CACREP program attendance on the self-efficacy of school counselors in advocating for self. School counselors' self-efficacy in advocating for self (as a school counselor), rather than advocacy for the profession and/or students, was assessed. Analysis revealed advocacy training was a statistically significant predictor of self-efficacy in advocating for self, while program level and CACREP attendance were not significant predictors. Implications for counselor preparation and counselor education are discussed.



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