Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

Document Type

Empirical Research Article


distance counseling, telemental health, training, counselor educator, counseling supervisor, counselor

Subject Area

Counseling, Counselor Education


As distance counseling and telemental health practices continue to grow, it is unclear how counselor training programs are responding to the change or how frequently supervisors and practitioners utilize distance modalities. Counseling professionals (N =103) were surveyed to examine their perceptions of distance counseling training and practice. Respondents indicated multiple roles as Counselor Educators (CE, n = 74), Counseling Supervisors (CS, n = 61), and Counseling Practitioners (CP, n = 86). The majority of CE expressed dissatisfaction with amount of distance counseling content in their training program yet felt confident to teach distance counseling and TMH concepts. Personal experience with distance supervision or distance counseling was low among CS and CP, although these groups exhibited high confidence in practicing distance supervision and distance counseling. Nearly all respondents had sought additional professional development training in distance counseling and/or TMH. The findings emphasize a need for consistency in TMH professional development training, as well as opportunities to infuse distance counseling content into student training programs and curricula.



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