Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

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vicarious resilience, sentipensante, counselor education, counseling

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Counseling, Counselor Education


To support the retention of counselors in the field, suggestions influenced by a deficit lens caution and affirm the importance of preventative wellness to counselors while highlighting the impact related to the lack of attentiveness towards counselors’ well-being such as impairment, vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout. The construct of vicarious resilience is a transformative lens of care (Hernandez-Wolfe, 2018). For counselors, this lens includes substantial benefits towards the counselor’s wellbeing when collaborating with empathy and care to reframe initial thinking surrounding the therapeutic relationship. This article consists of a conceptual framework for integrating vicarious resilience into counselor education as a culturally responsive construct by addressing (a) empirical and conceptual literature related to vicarious resilience from varied fields including mental health and education; (b) dimensions of vicarious resilience to promote operational awareness of the construct; (c) sentipensante as an andragogical framework for implementing vicarious resilience into counselor education; (d) and strategies for implementing vicarious resilience into curriculum with sentipensante as an andragogical lens and framework.



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