Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

Document Type

Empirical Research Article


clinical supervision, in-home counseling, counselor education, multiple-case study

Subject Area

Clinical Supervision, Counseling, Counselor Education


An understanding of the knowledge and skills necessary for clinical supervision of in-home counselors is scarce in counseling. To address this gap, the authors conducted a multiple-case study with three clinical supervisors from two in-home counseling agencies in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Data was collected through multiple sources: individual interviews, clinical supervisors contracts, and philosophies. Within-case and cross-case analysis resulted in four themes: clinical supervision practices, training and evaluation, ethical dilemmas, and boundary setting. Implications of these findings suggest clinical supervisors at in-home agencies are not receiving formal training and rely heavily on previous experience to guide their clinical supervision practice, conflicting with best practices. The challenges faced by in-home clinical supervisors, and recommendations for clinical supervisors and counselor educators are discussed.



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