Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

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Empirical Research Article


existential therapy, counselor education, counseling theories, music enhancing learning, creativity in counseling

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Counselor Education, Mental Health Counseling


Early career clinicians have reported limited experience utilizing existential concepts in their clinical practice. This deficit may be attributed to a gap in training. Further, utilizing creative techniques to elucidate conceptual understanding has a demonstrated history of effectiveness in the classroom. This study explored whether the use of creative instructional techniques supports student learning of existential counseling theory, and, if so, which specific tools do students prefer. Through pairing existential concepts with creative instructional techniques, the researchers hypothesized that understanding would increase. Students reported a significant increase in their knowledge of existential concepts following the use of creative instructional techniques and notated their preferences. Resources for integrating these techniques in counselor education are provided alongside future research directions.

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Counseling Commons



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