Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

Document Type

Empirical Research Article


supervision, site supervisor, professional development, counseling, CACREP

Subject Area

Clinical Supervision, Counselor Education


CACREP standards require counselor education programs to provide site supervisors with orientation, consultation, and professional development opportunities (PD). Using a nonexperimental descriptive design, we collected data from a national sample of CACREP-accredited programs (N=46, 13.3% response rate) via an online descriptive survey to explore how programs provide such opportunities to site supervisors. The survey contained open-ended and multiple-choice items addressing orientation, consultation, PD, and participants’ opinions on how their program addressed the three domains. We analyzed numerical data using descriptive statistics and open-ended responses using content analysis. We found that most programs offered orientation, consultation, and PD, though site supervisor engagement and methods of implementation varied considerably. Implications for research and practice are discussed in light of the findings.



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