Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

Document Type

Empirical Research Article


grief counseling, grief content, counselor preparation

Subject Area

Counselor Education


This study investigated how counselor educators (n = 61) integrated grief content in accredited counselor education programs, characteristics of the course in which grief is taught, and professional background of faculty members. Most participants endorsed general content items (e.g., reactions to loss), grief theories (e.g., stages/phases of grief), and practice considerations (e.g., self-care). Additionally, results indicated grief-focused courses were mostly elective (n = 23; 85.19%), facilitated face-to-face (n = 18; 66.67%) and taught by counselor educators influenced by significant personal loss (n = 18, 78.26%). Results demonstrated a lack of professional affiliation with grief-related organizations, professional development through certifications, or continuing education. Discussion of results, implications for the counseling profession, and areas for future research and practice are explored.



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