Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

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Supervision Pedagogy, Critical Race Theory, Feminist Theory, Experiential Learning Theory, Ubuntu Cards©

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Counselor Education


Counselor Education programs are required to prepare doctoral students to become supervisors, however there is both no single agreed upon pedagogy or method, as well as a seeming lack of culturally responsive pedagogy or teaching methods for instructing students in learning and developing supervision knowledge and skills in counseling supervision courses (Korcuska, 2016). The authors propose the integration of established pedagogical approaches to address students’ implicit and explicit bias in order to develop cultural competence and humility in becoming culturally responsive supervisors. The authors provide an overview of Critical Race, Feminist, and Experiential Learning theories and how these theories can be infused to enable Counselor Educators to teach future supervisors with a diverse blend of methods. A sample case study is provided.



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