Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

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relational cultural theory, cycle of caring, counselor educator, self-care

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Counselor Education


Counselor educators engage in a variety of professional roles which prioritize supporting counselors-in-training's personal and professional development. In addition to their responsibilities to student development, counselor educators balance numerous responsibilities and roles as faculty members. These responsibilities can lead to stress and burnout amongst counselor educators if not prevented by using self-care. A model to support counselor educator self-care and their unique roles and responsibilities is needed. In order to center relationships in self-care and educational practice, the authors apply Relational Cultural theory to Skovholt’s Cycle of Caring as a framework for traditional, in-person counselor education programs. The authors propose that this model may increase self-care among counselor educators and counselors in training. The authors also provide strategies counselor educators can use for their own self-care as well as classroom strategies to foster connection and community.



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