Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

Document Type

Counselor Education Teaching Idea


career group, career counseling, experiential teaching, group dynamics

Subject Area

Counseling, Counselor Education, School Counseling



Career development and graduate counseling courses provide an opportunity to engage counselors-in-training in their own career development in order to evoke a parallel experience in their future clients. One approach to engaging students in these courses is through experiential education. The authors describe a pilot project using an experiential group technique embedded in a graduate-level career development and counseling course. The first author implemented a six-session group experience using peer facilitators to explore students’ own career-related attitudes and behaviors and then transfer that experience to work with future clients. The inclusion of an experiential group in a career development and counseling course can help students make important connections across counseling curriculum and demonstrate the close ties between career and mental health concerns.



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