Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

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Bilingual Counseling, Bilingual Counseling Competencies, Linguistic Counseling Competencies, Ethnocultural Counseling Competencies, Multiculturalism, Bilingual Counselor Training, Bilingual Counselor Supervision

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Clinical Supervision, Counselor Education, Mental Health Counseling


The Latine population in the United States is increasing, leading to a higher need for bilingual counseling services. Therefore, counselor educators and supervisors must ensure bilingual counselors receive proper ethnocultural and linguistic competence training. This article aims to highlight the significance of bilingual counseling competencies in counselor education, emphasize the importance of linguistic training in cultural competence training, and propose a set of linguistic and ethnocultural competencies to help establish a proficient bilingual counselor. Additionally, future recommendations are discussed.



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