Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

Document Type

Empirical Research Article


dissertation chairing, relational cultural theory, imposter phenomenon, cross-cultural mentorship, counselor education

Subject Area

Counselor Education


Despite the importance of cross-cultural mentorship in supporting doctoral counselor education students with international backgrounds in overcoming barriers, few have researched the specific complexities of these relationships with critical depth. Therefore, in this duoethnographic study rooted in relational cultural theory, we offer a critical and transformative polyvocal dialogue of the cross-cultural dissertation mentoring relationship of [author 1], a White counselor educator, and [author 2], an Asian-Japanese former doctoral student with an international background. We discussed how our cultural backgrounds impacted the relationship, our experiences of imposter phenomenon, and how broaching may have impacted our relationship. We present a series of critical questions raised by our dialogue for readers to reflect upon and discuss the impact of their cultural identities and contexts.



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