Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

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assistant professors, faculty positions, occupational satisfaction, faculty searches, counselor education

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Counselor Education


Using an online quantitative survey, the primary objective of this study was to investigate the faculty application experiences of assistant professors of counselor education (N = 159). The counselor educators in this sample completed a median of two off-campus interviews and a median of one on-campus interview. They received a median of one offer for any faculty position and a median of one offer for an assistant professor position on the tenure-track. Assistant professors on the tenure-track differed from those not on the tenure track on the following variables: demographic and professional characteristics, application strategies, credentials/qualifications at the time of their applications, the importance of decisional criteria in applying for and accepting faculty positions, work experiences, and occupational satisfaction. The implications of this survey research for counselor education faculty positions and searches are discussed.



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