Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

Document Type

Empirical Research Article


group counseling, counselor education, crisis, COVID-19 pandemic


There is consensus that group counseling and the use of telehealth platforms (i.e., phone or video conferencing usage) are highly effective interventions during and in response to crises and disaster situations. Wishing our Counselor Education and Supervision (CES), program had access to this information prior to the COVID-19 pandemic; we use this study to reflect on what we learned from that time. Building from the experiences of eight masters-level students enrolled in a group counseling internship at the height of the pandemic, this manuscript connects our programmatic oversights to the sparsity of information related to group counseling and the use of telehealth for group counseling in crisis and disaster situations. While we hope to our study expands on this literature base, we simultaneously highlight Bemak and Chung’s (2011) Disaster Cross-Cultural Counseling Model and Adassary & Goodrich's (2014) Care Model as ways to support group counseling and group counselor training during crises and disasters.



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