Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

Volume 3, Number 1 (2011)

Editor Notes

In our first edition as co-editors, we tried to stay true to the mission of the journal. We did this by examining the types of articles that can be submitted to include: research, techniques, counselor development, supervision, issues, and clinical supervisors’ stories. The articles featured in this edition represent two of the above themes. The articles by Wilczenski et al. and Burt et al. focus on specific issues related to counselor development. The Wilczenski et al. article highlights a school counselor education program infusing social justice and advocacy throughout the program. The Burt et al. article examines the use of technology as a teaching strategy in counselor education and preparing students to use such technology. The articles by Gambrell et al. and Gillen and Roland fall under the category of research. The Gambrell et al. article is a research article focusing on professional development; the authors examine job satisfaction in different counseling specialties. The Gillen and Roland article is a research article focusing on practice implications related to gender and young adult care giving.

We thank all of our dedicated reviewers who responded quickly to everything asked of them. We also thank our wonderful Assistant Editors, Ken Ryerson and John Marshall, who spent countless hours organizing the process, helping to edit articles, and putting it all together. We also thank the NARACES Board for giving us the opportunity to share practical and research knowledge with our members by appointing us as co-editors of the Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision.



Counselors’ Job Satisfaction across Education Levels and Specialties
Crista E. Gambrell, Mark C. Rehfuss, Elisabeth C. Suarez, and Dixie Meyer

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