Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

Volume 5, Number 2 (2013)

This issue of JCPS includes research and theory articles providing information for counselor educators to improve counselor training. As per the mission of the journal, we welcome all submissions in the following categories: research, techniques, counselor development, supervision issues, informed practice, clinical supervisor’s stories, and book reviews related to counselor education and supervision.

Overall, this issue provides information regarding how counselor educators can provide counselors-in-training with an understanding of clients holistically, and to provide multicultural training throughout the program, helping students to understand clients from a variety of perspectives. While this viewpoint is not new in counselor education, the contributing authors of this issue add to the literature significantly.

Williams, Greenleaf, and Duys in “Who’s to blame? Client problems and the causal attributions made by counselors-in-training” identify how counseling students view the creation and solving of client problems differently depending on area of concentration, completed course hours, and counselor ethnicity. In “Exploring the multicultural competence of school counselors” Dodson provides some surprising results regarding multicultural competency. In “Self-efficacy of beginning counselors to counsel clients in crisis” Sawyer, Peters, and Wilis investigated the effectiveness of a Crisis Intervention course and provided information for Counselor Educators on ways to increase counselors-in-training perceived ability to effectively handle crisis situations. Within the framework of providing more effective training for counselors, Ockerman, Mason and Chen-Hayes in “School counseling supervision in challenging times: The CAFE supervisor model” discuss systemic change through using the CAFE model during the training and supervision of school counselors.

As editor, I want to thank all of the dedicated reviewers who responded quickly to everything asked of them, and helped to produce high quality manuscripts for JCPS. I also thank my wonderful Editorial Assistant Jonathan Mazza. He spent endless hours organizing the process, working with reviewers and authors, editing articles, putting everything together, all while integrating everything to our new site on Digital Commons. Additionally, I thank the NARACES Board for giving me the opportunity to continue to share practical research and knowledge with our members by appointing me as editor of the Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision, Western Connecticut University for hosting us on Digital Commons, and Bepress for their support as we migrate to our new site.



Self-Efficacy of Beginning Counselors to Counsel Clients in Crisis
Cheryl Sawyer, Michelle L. Peters, and Jana Willis


School Counseling Supervision in Challenging Times: The CAFE Supervisor Model
Melissa S. Ockerman, Erin C. M. Mason, and Stuart F. Chen-Hayes

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