Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

Volume 6, Number 1 (2014)

Editorial Note

In this issue, Hinkle, Iarussi, Schermer, and Yensel report the results of their research in understanding students’ motivations for entering doctoral programs. Bodenhorn, Hartig, Ghoston, Graham, Lile, Sackett, and Farmer identified trends in announcements for Counselor Education and Supervision faculty positions, and Troutman and Packer-Williams suggest how Counselor Educators can increase LBGT competencies in their programs. Recognizing how changing demographic and economic trends can affect counselors, the contributing authors of this issue add significantly to the literature.

As editor, I thank all of the dedicated reviewers who worked quickly and diligently to produce high quality manuscripts for JCPS. I also recognize my Associate Editor Jane Webber and Editorial Assistant Ellery Parker who spent many hours working with reviewers while integrating everything on our new site on Digital Commons. Additionally, I thank the NARACES Board for their support as we continue the process of migrating to our new site.

Edina Renfro-Michel, Editor

Jane Webber, Associate Editor



Counselor Education Faculty Positions: Requirements and Preferences in CESNET Announcements 2005-2009
Nancy Bodenhorn, Nadine Hartig, Michelle R. Ghoston, Jasmine Graham, Jesse J. Lile, Corrine Sackett, and Laura Boyd Farmer

Empirical Research Article


Motivations to Pursue the Doctoral Degree in Counselor Education and Supervision
Michelle Hinkle, Melanie M. Iarussi, Travis W. Schermer, and Jennifer F. Yensel

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