Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

Volume 6, Number 2 (2014)

We are proud to bring to you the fall edition of the Journal for Counselor Preparation and Supervision. This new issue contains articles on a variety of topics. Kennedy compares teaching multicultural competencies to students in a predominantly homogenous classroom versus a more diverse classroom. Additionally, Trepal, Ivers and Lopez use qualitative methods to explore student experiences providing bilingual counseling services, while Burkholder uses qualitative methods to explore faculty attributions of Master’s students’ ethical misconduct. Providing a practical tool for supervisors to preplan for delivering impactful corrective feedback during the supervision process, Hulse and Robert adapt the Corrective Feedback Instrument-Revised (CFI-R) instrument for clinical supervision. Finally, Schmidt investigated how client feedback can increase counseling effectiveness and discusses integrating continuous client feedback into counselor education programs.

As editor, I thank all of the dedicated reviewers who worked quickly and diligently to produce high quality manuscripts for JCPS. I also recognize my Associate Editor Jane Webber and Editorial Assistant Ellery Parker who spent many hours working with reviewers while integrating everything on our new site on Digital Commons. Additionally, I thank the NARACES Board for their support as we continue the process of migrating to our new site.

Edina L. Renfro-Michel



An Exploratory Study of Classroom Diversity and Cultural Competency
Jelane A. Kennedy, Wendy Neifeld Wheeler, and Stephanie Bennett


Students' Experiences with Bilingual Counseling
Heather Trepal, Nathaniel Ivers, and Anna Lopez

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