Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

Volume 8, Number 1 (2016)

Our Spring issue covers topics for supervisors, counselor educators, and counselors. Focusing on supervision, Stark and Greggerson discuss their research regarding supervisor and supervisee perceptions of supervisee openness and discuss ways to encourage supervisees to be more proactive. In counselor education, authors investigated using song lyrics to increase reflective listening skills in counseling students (Davis & Pereira), examined an activity to increase student self-awareness and skills when participating in work groups (Hutchison, Odegard-Koester & Koltz), utilized counseling students’ journal entries to determine how self-disclosures impact the determination of theoretical orientation (Hrovat & Luke), and explored reasons for counseling students enrolling in a Master’s program (Wilkinson & McCarthy). For counselors, Evans, Hemmings, Burkhalter and Lacy have a practice-based article describing the application of the Post-Traumatic Growth approach with African American men.

As editor, I thank the editorial staff for their hard work to produce quality manuscripts for JCPS. I want to recognize my new associate editor, Michael Mariska, and congratulate him on being elected president-elect of NARACES. I also want to thank our editorial assistant Ellery Parker, and my Graduate Assistants, Elaine Chu, Massiel Rosario, and Lauren Spinella, for their many hours of editing, as well as for keeping me on track and organized. As always, I thank the NARACES board for their constant support.



Intentional Work Group Experiences: A Pedagogical Tool for Counselor Educators
Brian Hutchison, Melissa Odegard-Koester, and Rebecca Koltz

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