Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

Volume 8, Number 2 (2016) School Counselor Preparation and Supervision

Editors' Note

We consider it a privilege to introduce the Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision’s (JCPS) first special issue on school counselor preparation and supervision. This issue is the fruition of the extremely important work and support of a range of individuals that are minimally owed public acknowledgement, but deserve so much more than that. Toward that end, as co-editors, we jointly thank Edina Renfro-Michel (Editor), Michael Mariska (Associate Editor), Ellery Parker (Assistant Journal Editor), the NARACES Executive Board, and the editorial review board of the Journal for Counselor Preparation and Supervision for this opportunity. Additionally, we acknowledge the guest reviewers for their service in the development of this special issue: Eric Baltrinic, Janice Byrd, Deborah Duenyas, Kaprea Hoquee, Erin West, and Hongryun Woo. We also express our thanks for the contributions of Elaine Chu, Massiel Rosario, Jane Penola, and Andrew Reitter for their administrative support. We trust the seven conceptual and data-driven manuscripts herein will be a catalyst for fruitful discourse, informed instructional and clinical supervision practice, and continued research. We welcome and look forward to your feedback! Respectfully, Michael D. Hannon & Cassandra A. Storlie, Guest Co-Editors


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