Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

Volume 8, Number 3 (2016)

The Winter 2016 issue provides information and research for counselors and counselor educators. Given the importance of advocacy in our profession, counselors and counselor educators will be particularly interested in Decker, Manis, and Paylo’s discussion on empirically based pedagogical practices to infuse social justice advocacy into counseling curriculum. Harris, Hines and Hipolito-Delgado explored counselor educators’ perceptions of training school counselors for college and career readiness for African American men. Similarly, Celinska and Swazo investigated counselor-in-training self-perceptions of openness and comfort in interactions with diverse populations and possible counselor education program changes.

Focusing on counselor education, Merlin discusses flipped learning in counselor education, and provides specific examples of learning activities for courses involving helping relationships, group work, career development, and social and cultural diversity. Iarussi, Tyler, Crawford and Crawford investigated the effectiveness of teaching counselor trainees motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques over the course of three semesters.

As funding in universities, schools, and clinics continues to be reduced, many counselors and counselor educators are seeking grant funding. Delaney’s article helps de-mystify the grant identification and writing process. Kostohryz studied faculty members’ perceptions of the purpose of doctoral comprehensive examinations and found some very interesting differences in perceptions.

As editor, I thank the editorial staff for their continued hard work to produce quality manuscripts for JCPS especially as the submissions continue to increase. My associate editor, Michael Mariska, will be stepping into his role as President of NARACES so this will be his last JCPS issue. Thank you, Mike, for your humor, your support and your hard work. I also want to thank my Graduate Assistant, Massiel Rosario, for her many hours of editing, as well as for keeping me on track and organized. As always, I thank the NARACES board for their constant and enthusiastic support.



Counselor Educator Perceptions: College and Career Readiness of African-American Males
Paul C. Harris, Erik M. Hines, and Carlos P. Hipolito-Delgado


Counselor Training in Two Evidence-Based Practices: Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Melanie M. Iarussi, Jesssica M. Tyler, Sherrionda H. Crawford, and C. Veronica Crawford


The Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision Vol 8 Issue 3
The Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision