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Our latest collaborative research has primarily focused on studying challenges for digital pedagogy in promoting active learning and learner autonomy. These action research projects have been anchored in foreign language contexts in higher education settings. Here is a summary of two projects from 2014-2015: 1) With the goal of enhancing teaching practices in foreign language classrooms, the research project analyzed the use of student created videos to promote active learning. Using a case study of concrete tasks integrating student created videos in strengthening Spanish Language Acquisition (SLA), we were able to a)identify key characteristics of active learning, b)present the challenges involved for pedagogical design in integrating student created videos and c)describe the shift in the learner's role from passive receiver to co-creator and contributor. (2) This project identified key issues in achieving learner autonomy by studying how to integrate cloud technology tools such as Google+ communities and Instagram into an undergraduate online Spanish course. In studying the complexity of a networked learning environment, we researched the following factors: high variability among learners, design of learning spaces, digital discourse for community building, and the role of the teacher in facilitating learning using cloud technology tools.