Poet of the Sun: Lope de Vega's Appropriation of Apollo

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Peer-Reviewed Article

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This study examines the different ways in which Lope de Vega appropriates the mythological figure of Apollo throughout his lyric poetry, a topic often overlooked by scholars. Initially, in the Rimas humanas, Lope uses Apollo to serve somewhat traditional needs, such as offering praise, highlighting female beauty, or retelling the Apollo–Daphne myth. Yet, within the same Rimas, Lope begins to use Apollo in order to present himself as a poetic authority. Later, in La Filomena, Lope attacks his rivals through Apollo. Finally, in the Burguillos collection, Lope inverts standard myths involving Apollo and uses him for other functions, such as parodying Petrarchism. In sum, Lope reinvents Apollo and in some ways presents himself as his own figurative and self-styled "god" of poetry.