Romances de Senectud by Lope de Vega (Review)

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Book Review

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The lyric poetry of Lope de Vega certainly has had no shortage of critical editions throughout the years. However, Antonio Sánchez Jiménez is the first scholar to offer a single, cohesive volume with all of Lope’s known late romances compiled from different collections and numerous unpublished manuscripts. The edition will be an asset for scholars and students of Lope as well as of Golden Age poetry more generally. Sánchez Jiménez offers readers not only a greater understanding of the author’s poetic production in his later years but also a more nuanced portrait of the older man and his emotional character. This, to my mind, is one of the volume’s more salient contributions: an appreciation of Lope as an artist and a person.


Review of the book Romances de senectud, by Lope de Vega, edited by Antonio Sánchez Jiménez (2018).