The University Library Special Collections selectively collects special and unique library and archival materials that support the Library's institutional mission and instructional programs of Sacred Heart University. These materials include rare books, SHU press publications, Faculty publications and personal papers collections. Some of them have been scanned and are presented in this digital collection.


Submissions from 2019


Il Rosario di Hiroshima, Hubert F. Schiffer and Federica Favaretta tr.

Submissions from 2011


Christ In Blessing Mosaic, Sacred Heart University

Submissions from 1981


A Hand Full of Pieces, William J. Fletcher

Submissions from 1953


The Rosary Of Hiroshima, Hubert F. Schiffer

Submissions from 1951


The Record of My Ancestry. The Ford Family Book of Origins, Private and Personal, with Historical Notes, Coats-of-Arms and Photographs, Katharine Beecher Stetson