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Since established in 1963, Sacred Heart University has accumulated tens of thousands of photographs that have recorded the significant moments or important occasions in the university’s history. Over the years, more and more photos have been taken but the effort to preserve the valuable information has not been up to the pace of the photo accumulation. Realizing some photos started to deteriorate due to the physical space in which these images were stored and the university was about to lose the visual data, the Office of University Advancement (OUA) began to seek a long-term solution that would help them manage the data in 2008. After discussing with OUA, the library took over the project because the library had the expertise to implement the project, and the project would resonate with the library’s digital strategy. This paper focuses on the significance of planning strategically when partnership and collaboration across divisions occur. It also examines the outreach strategies that would get various interested constituents from in and outside the university involved in this project. In addition, the paper discusses how the archival project has naturally triggered sub-projects such as using Yahoo Flickr to bulk load photos and getting information about the photos through the users’ contribution. Nevertheless, the ultimate goal of the paper is to instigate further discussions from peers about the project’s sustainability and best practices of managing such projects.


This paper was researched and produced during the tenure of Xiaohua (Cindy) Li as Director of Digital Library Technology & Services at Sacred Heart University.

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